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Our health is important!

We often are so busy in life that our health & well being take a back seat to the other events going on in our lives, until we are faced with one of today's common health concerns. You can become a healthier, happier and more balanced person by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle. The key is to incorporate these changes into your everyday life so they become second nature & you won't even have to think about them.


Eat Right
Eating right is an essential step to staying healthy. We lead such busy lives these days and we often make poor food choices. Our bodies need the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to work at its best. Our bodies need a balanced & varied diet. Anything to an extreme isn't good for our bodies. Making changes to our diet doesn't have to be hard. There is one word I can't say enough - Moderation! It's ok to have a treat once in a while. As a matter of fact, if you totally deprive yourself of foods you love, you are more likely to overeat.

You should also start looking at the serving size of the foods & beverages you consume. It really can be surprising to see what the actual serving size of things are. Bake or broil foods instead of frying. You might be surprised at how great they taste! Avoid large amounts of sugar, salt, and processed foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables. Drink plenty of water.

Exercise is also an essential part of staying healthy. Ok, I know, you hate that word right? Well, it really doesn't have to be such a "bad" word. Exercise can be anything from walking around your block to an aerobic workout & even Housework! Exercise is important because it helps to tone our body, keep our heart and lungs healthy and keep our immune system working.

Get Enough Sleep
It is also very important to get enough sleep. Sleep is as essential for your well-being as food and water. Sleep gives the body a chance to repair muscles and other tissues and replace aging or dead cells. It also gives the brain a chance to organize and archive memories. Sleep also allows our bodies time to physically rest. If you think of all of the things our body has to do each day to keep going, you can see why resting is so important. How much sleep we need varies greatly from person to person. Some people only need a few hours, while others need 10 or 12 hours of sleep per night. Basically, you are getting enough sleep if you don't feel tired the next day.

Take Time for You!
Another thing that is essential to good health, but often overlooked, is time for yourself. It is really important to take a little time to yourself each day. This time can be spent doing anything you like, anything that makes you happy. Read a book, take a walk, play with your pets, take a bubble bath, do a craft. It really doesn't matter what you do as long as you are doing it for you and you enjoy it. I know many of us have days that are packed with activities and responsibilities for family and careers, so it is often hard to make time for ourselves, but even a few minutes of "Me" time each day will make you a happier, less stressed, healthier person.

If you make a few simple changes in your life, you'll be a healthier and happier person. I can't tell you that you'll never get sick, but by taking better care of yourself, you'll be at less risk for Todays Common Health Concerns.

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